Hanna Reichl
PR Specialist - Digital Strategist – Music & Media Guru

PR Content

PR Content


The Giving Keys

In my first Public Relations course, I was given a team of five other girls to create a campaign. We chose to do a hypothetical campaign for the company The Giving Keys. Our goal for the campaign was to employ the homeless through increased awareness and an expansion of sales of the Giving Keys. You can find my full campaign below.

The Giving Keys Campaign Report

Transfer Admissions at Biola University

During a Public Relations Management course taken my Junior year at Biola, I had the chance to work with another classmate and the Biola Transfer Admissions team. Our goal was to make Biola a more viable option for higher education for a diverse group of transfer students from other community colleges or universities. This was a completed campaign presented to the Biola transfer admissions team at the end of the year. You can view the complete campaign and presentation below.

Biola Transfer Admissions Campaign Report

Biola Transfer Admissions Campaign Presentation

PR Writing

In a course I took called "Writing for PR", I chose a hypothetical client to write for all semester, in which I chose Columbia Records. In my portfolio below you can find samples of planning sheets, press releases, features, social media releases, appeal letters, broadcast scripts, and organizational I.D.'s. 

Columbia Records Portfolio